Frith Street is the culmination of our 30+ years of dedicated support to the broadcast TV and feature film market. With customers and contacts frustrated at the lack of high-quality post-production space in London – specifically in the West End – we set about putting that right.

Once we’d found an ideal location in the heart of Soho, we began designing the infrastructure for what is now the one of the most advanced post-production facilities in the market.

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Ranged over five floors, Frith Street boasts 40 offline rooms that can be dressed for your specific needs, from editing to production meetings to private screenings.

Each room comes complete with all the equipment you need, integrated effectively, and connected to the outside world via dedicated high-speed internet. Our engineers all have expert knowledge of Avid and EVS workflow systems – many are Certified Support Representatives – and they’ll be on hand to troubleshoot any technical difficulties you may encounter.

The building incorporates the very latest security and storage features. Customer media is kept safe and secure in an air-conditioned and backed-up server room, and working floors are accessible only by electronic key-card. Each floor is also covered by CCTV, and the building is monitored by security throughout the night.

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